Beginner’s Crash Course – Using Site Train For The First Time

We recommend you proceed through the lessons “in order“, starting with the first one!

Add Domains To The System
1.00 – Add Some Domains Into The System

1.10 – Understanding The “Column Template” Bar

Creating Host Entities
1.51 – Create A Host Entity (“Domain Registrar Account”)
1.52 – Associate Domains To “Dom Registrar Account”

1.60 – Create Host Entities For “Standard cPanel Style Host”
1.64 – Associate “Domain” Entities To “Host Panel” Entities

2.50 – Create Host Entities – “SEO Mass Host Plan”
2.53 – Associate “Domain” To “SEO Mass Host Plan”

How To Handle These Situations:
Create “VPS Host” (multiple cpanel)
Create Fatcow/iPage/
Create Cloud Droplet

Understanding Host Summary System

3.41 – How “Host Summary” Column Works

Other Lessons

Basic Domain Functions

Group, Tag, Network
Ventro Popup
Individual Fetch
Bulk Fetch

Scrape Homepage Links
View Homepage Links/WHOIS/etc.

Basic Host Functions

Widgets – Host Plan Total Cost Sum + Duplicate NS Flagging

Endpoint Entity
Host Plan Filter Widget
Active Dom Reg Accounts Only Widget
Networks Controls
Show/Hide Passwords
Export Excel

Import With XLS


51.11 – Import Domains XLS

Export With XLS
Export Domains XLS
Export Hosting XLS

How To Use Site Train (Conceptually)

• Put ALL your “Domains” and “Host Entites” in the system.

How To Renew Domains Every Year
Use UI of the Dom Registrar and sort by “exp date”, then renew all and confirm they renewed.

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