52.5 – Networks

This image shows the columns involved in designating the “Network” for a “Domain”.

Point 1 – What This Correlates To In Our Main App UI

If you click into the “Dom. Functions” popup here on the Domains Main page:

Then you will see these “Networks” shown here:

And in the main table, if you click on the “Quick Add 1” Column Template, then you can see the “Network” column here which shows the name for the “Network” for each “Domain”.

You can read more about “Networks” on this page.

They are essentially organizational units for categorizing your sites, according to how you would need to if employing a “clustering” host system across your network.

This image illustrates the concept well – each individual “Network” is surrounded in red:

Point 2 – When You Submit Your Import .XLS Sheet, System Will Look For An “Existing Match” For The “Network Name” In Our “Host Tree System”

IF there yes exists a match already, THEN system will simply create an “association” between the Domain and the existing Network to indicate that this is where the Domain is registered

IF there does NOT exist a match already, THEN system will automatically “create a new” Network, to be the Network for that Domain

Point 3 – You Must Make Sure The “Network Name” Is Typed In To Match EXACTLY – Otherwise System Will Regard It As A New Entity

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