52.3 – Domain Registrar Accounts.

This image shows the columns involved in designating the “Domain Registrar Account” for a “Domain”.

In the spreadsheet we call this a “Domain Registrar Account”, but it refers to a “Host Account” in our Host Tree page.

Point 1 – The Combination Of The 2 Fields Is The Identifier

These 2 fields:

Registrar Company (which is a “Host Company” in our Tree System)

Registrar Username (which is a “Host Account” in our Tree System)

Each one of these combinations, shown in this image, would be considered separate “Accounts” that the “Domain” will get assigned to(to be assigned as the “Domain Registrar Account” for that “Domain”).

What This Looks Like Once The Domains Are In Our Actual Application:

Once your domains are in the system, you can see the assigned “Registrar Account” here, next to the domain, on the Domains Main page.

And you can see the various “Accounts” here on the Host Tree Page.

And if you click on the “Accounts 1” Column Template, you will be able to see the “#Domains” column, with the dark blue background color.

This “#Domains” column shows you the number of domains that are currently assigned as being “Registered” at that “Account”.

Point 2 – When You Submit Your Import .XLS Sheet, System Will Look For An “Existing Match” For The “Domain Registrar Account” In Our “Host Tree System”

IF there yes exists a match already, THEN system will simply create an “association” between the Domain and the existing Host Account to indicate that this is where the Domain is registered

IF there does NOT exist a match already, THEN system will automatically “create a new” Host Company & Host Account, to be the Domain Registrar for that Domain

Point 3 – You Must Make Sure Your “Host Company Name” and “Host Account Username” Are Typed In To Match EXACTLY – Otherwise System Will Regard It As A New Entity

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