2.53 – Associate “Domain” To “SEO Mass Host Plan”

Let’s imagine that currently we are hosting this domain “funwirks.com” on an “SEO Mass Hosting System” like EBN, BulkBuy, PBN.hosting, etc.

These are services that allow you to get 10s or 100s or even 1,000s of different IPs/servers to host your sites on, all while managing them from their one central dashboard.

For situations like this, in Site Train, we recommend that you:
Step 1.) Create the 3 Host Entities
(Host Company: easyblognetworks.com , Host Account: andrewb59249@protonmail.com , Host Plan: $95/month)
(We already did this in the previous lesson.)
Step 2.) Then in the “Domains” page, use the “SEO Mass Host Plan” to designate a relationship between the “Domain” entity and the “Host Plan” entity.

Click the “Edit” button in the “SEO Mass Host Plan” column:

Select the “Host Plan” entity that you wish to assign to the “Domain”:

Now you can see the information populated:

Refresh the page (CNTRL + R) and you will notice that the associated info from the “Host Plan” entity is showing in green color.

Also, notice it is showing in both places – “SEO Mass Host Plan” column (on right), and the “Host Summary” column (on left):

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