1.64 Associate “Domain” Entities To “Host Panel” Entities

Notice that our “Domain” of eurocqs.net has the “Nameservers” of ns1.inmotionhosting.com (and ns2.inmotionhosting.com)

Because of this, the system has “matched” the domain automatically with the “Host Panel” entity that contains that Nameserver in its “Nameserver” field:

This is called “Detected Host Panel” because the system has automatically detected a Nameserver match between the “Domain’s Nameserver” and the “Nameserver stored in the Host Panel field for Nameservers”.

Let’s imagine this scenario:

1.) We know that our Domain “nikko-sake.com” is currently hosted on “inmotionhosting.com”.

2.) The domain is, for whatever reason, not currently using the “inmotionhosting.com” nameservers (ns1.inmotionhosting.com ns2.inmotionhosting.com).

Perhaps it is using a “Custom A Record” from the Registrar Zone Records Editor, for example.

In this scenario, we will use the “Assigned Host Panel” column to manually assign a host panel to the domain.

Click on the black “Edit Button” under the “Assigned Host Panel” column:

In the popup for “Assigned Host Panel”, select the “Panel” you want.

In this case, we select the “Panel” of “inmotionhosting.com” -> “dronemaster”

You can see that now this information has populated in the cell:

Refresh the page(CNTRL + R), and you will see this:

The information from the “Assigned Host Panel” column(on right – where you edited it) has not also populated into the “Host Summary” column(on the left).

We will explain more about this system in a coming lesson (and why we display it twice like this).

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