1.60 – Create Host Entities For “Standard cPanel Style Host”

Click “Add New Company”

Fill out the details for the “Host Company” entity, and then click “Save”

In this example we are using:

Field: Host Company – Company Name – inmotionhosting.com
Field: Host Company – Login URL – https://secure1.inmotionhosting.com/index/login

After you have clicked “Save”, then click “Add Child Entity”

Fill out the “username” for your Host Account, then click “Add Child Entity”

In this example we are using:

Field: Host Account – Username – andrew.black.589063@gmail.com

Fill out the info related to your “Web Hosting Plan”, then click “Add Child Entity”
NOTE: You do not need to even fill out this information with real details, if you do not wish to. HOWEVER, you must at least create this “Host Plan” entity so that it exists in the structure of the system, so that everything else will work with it(the “Host Panel” entities that will occur beneath it and “Domain Relationships” that may involve said “Panel” entities and even the “Plan” entity in some circumstances).

For the purposes of this lesson, all you need to do is make sure to create the “Host Plan” entity itself, and then click “Add Child Entity” to proceed to the next step of the lesson.
In this example we are using:

Field: Host Plan – Next Payment – $185
Field: Host Plan – Price – 1 year
Field: Host Plan – Term – 05.15.23

SPECIAL NOTE On Entering “Next Payment Date” And Using The “<<< Modify" Button

When entering the “Next Payment Date”, you must enter it in this field on the right, then click on the “Modify” button.

After you click “Modify”, it will then populate the date on the left-hand gray field:

At this point, you can now click “Save” or “Add Child Entity”.

(We built it this way for a reason, it actually keeps the dates more uniform and easier to deal with overall).

Fill out the info related to your “Host Panel”, and then click “Save”

Field: Host Panel – URL – https://secure246.inmotionhosting.com:2083/
Field: Host Panel – User – dronemaster
Field: Host Panel – Nameserver 1 – ns1.inmotionhosting.com
Field: Host Panel – Nameserver 2 – ns2.inmotionhosting.com

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