1.52 – Associate Domains To “Dom Registrar Account”

Click on “Domains” on nav menu to go to “Domains” page

Click on “All” on “Column Template” bar

Pick a domain and click on the “Black Edit Button” in the “Domain Registrar Host Account” column:

In the popup that appears, click a Domain Registrar Account to select it. In this example we have selected the account of “godaddy.com” -> “andrew459”

Now you can see that the info has become populated next to our domain “nikko-sake.com” – you can see the blue table cell with the “godaddy.com” -> “andrew459” indicated next to it:

Click the “CA” button to open the “Client Area URL” for “godaddy.com”

Obviously, the Godaddy landing page will open in new tab:

Click the “O” button to open the “Domain Registrar Host Account” entity in the “Host Tree” page

As you can see, in a new tab, the “Host Tree” page will open, and the associated “Domain Registrar Host Account” entity will have a “Red Indicator Square” to the left of it to mark it for your reference

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