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Getting Set Up In Site Train (Watch This Video First!)

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• Docs Set 1 – (Start With This!)
Quick-Start Crash Course On Getting Set-Up In Site Train

If you have never used Site Train before, begin by going through the quick-start Crash Course here.

Begin Crash Course On Site Train

• Docs Set 2 – More Boring To Read
Extensive Technical Documentation

For a wealth of specific information regarding a whole variety of Site Train features, you can view our “extensive” docs here:
Site Train – Extensive Technical Documentation

   What Site Train Is:
Site Train Is A Dashboard System For Managing Your Domains & Hosting Information

This system gives you a Single-Source-Of-Truth for all of your Domain entities and Host entities.

You can then designate the proper Relationships between all these entities.

It’s a very simple concept – but this has never before been possible until now!

How Your Business Will Benefit From Using Site Train:
You Will Spend Less Time Searching For Domain And Hosting Information Because You Will Have A Single Source Of Truth

If you have any amount of websites that you manage, you will save loads of time with this system!

Site Train Tutorial Docs